Moving Forward

For my ten usual readers, my absence has been pretty clear. It wasn’t intentional, but I kind of lost momentum. Okay, not “kind of.” I did lose momentum. It sucked. It was also wonderful.

It sucked because it reminds me that, yet again, I start off strong pursuing my passions but then make excuses for letting them fizzle out. Fear of failure? Yep. Fear of something wonderful happening? Yep. It can all be very nerve wracking. Lately, when one good thing happens, three bad things follow. I know that this is simply life, but I’m ready for three good things in a row to happen. Please?

The break was wonderful because I realized the fault in my last question. I have to stop sitting back and asking the universe to make something amazing happen. I have to initiate the change. Unless I do that, I can’t complain when three bad things happen. I have to suck it up and take action in order for three good things to happen.

Writing and photography drive my soul. I know that these two things make me happy when everything else in my life is out of control. They ground me. They help me imagine the unimaginable. They make me, well, me.

Many years ago I visited my local county fair with my dad. We walked through the photography exhibit and oohed and aahed over the blue ribbon winners. I remember telling him that I wanted to do that one day. I wanted to win one of those pretty blue ribbons.

Last week, that distant hope became a reality. After four years of submitting entries, I finally received my first blue ribbon. My pride and joy comes from the fact that I made a dream a reality. I kept pushing forward. Although it took many years, I made it happen. I also feel like I finally fulfilled a promise. I told my dad I was going to do it. While he’s not here to see it, I know he’s smiling at my accomplishment.

I realized that I need to take the same forward action with my writing. So that’s what I’m going to do.

First, I’m making a commitment to write on the blog on a regular basis. I’m vowing here and now to -not- take a three month break again!

Second, I’m taking steps to become a better writer. I start a writing class tomorrow. It’s just a grammar class, but it’s the first step to polish my writing. If I want to make an impact with my words, I need to do it the right way.

Today, I’m moving forward. And instead of asking the universe for something amazing, I’m telling the universe that something amazing will happen.

Universe, are you ready for me?